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Planning Funerals UK and Abroad

UK & Beyond…

Distance Funerals
We are frequently asked to arrange Funerals to and from other parts of the country. This presents no particular difficulties as we have very close links through our professional associations. We can take care of all the arrangements including transportation and will provide an estimate of the cost.

To and from abroad
We are experienced in arranging Funerals to and from other countries. We will take care of all the documentation and regulations that have to be attended to, and advise you of the likely time scale before the funeral can be finalised.


Dear Andrew,
May I take this opportunity to record my thanks to your staff and to you in particular, for your help and support through this most difficult of times. Yours sincerely,


Probate & letters of administration

The Executor is responsible for the distribution of the estate. (i.e. everything they owned).

If there is no Will, the Administrator (usually the Next of Kin), will deal with the estate.

We strongly advise the Executor or Administrator to instruct a Probate Solicitor to help with the distribution of the estate.

If you decide to take this on yourself then please contact the Probate Registry as soon as possible, who will provide the
necessary forms.

Exeter Probate Registry
1st Floor
Exeter Crown & Country Court
Southernhay Gardens
Exeter, EX1 1UH
TeI: 01392 415370

Other Things to Consider

Insurance policies
Insurance Companies should be notified as soon as possible of the death of an insured person. You should check that all policies are
still in force. For any claim on a life policy, the Insurance Company will require the policy itself and a copy of the Registrar’s Death Certificate. It is best to telephone the Insurance Company for instructions.

Motor insurance
Insurance cover on a vehicle owned and insured by the deceased ceases immediately at the time of death. Please note, no one should drive the vehicle until the Insurance Company has been notified and new cover has been arranged.

Company & private pensions
If the deceased was in receipt of a company or private pension you should notify the company concerned as soon as possible.

They will probably require a copy of the Registrar’s Death Certificate.

9. To refrain from soliciting funeral orders, or offering, or giving any reward for recommendation to persons or organisations such as Health Service establishments, Nursing Homes or Coroners’ Offices, etc.

10. To display to the general public the logos of the National Association of Funeral Directors and the Funeral Arbitration Scheme, and to have copies of the Code of Practice and Funeral Arbitration Scheme leaflets on display and available.

11. To co-operate at all times with Trading Standards Offices, Citizens Advice Bureaux, consumer support groups and any other body or organisation representing clients in the resolution of complaints or disputes.

12. To partake in, and abide by, the decision of the Conciliation, Independent Arbitration and Disciplinary Committee procedures of the Association in the resolution of any complaints or disputes between a client and Funeral Directors).

13. When Funeral arrangements are made in a client’s home or place of work, the Funeral Director shall make the client aware of their right to terminate such a contract with a cooling off period of seven days. During the cooling-off period the performance of the contract cannot commence without the specific authority of the client. The Funeral Director will make available during the arrangement suitable documentation advising the client of their rights.

The Code of Practice and adherence here to is monitored by the National Association of Funeral Directors.

Any correspondence should be addressed to:
National Association of Funeral Directors,
618 Warwick Road, Solihull
West Midlands B91 1AA

A Sign of Quality

Code of Practice Principles

As a condition of membership, Members of the National Association of Funeral Directors agree to comply with the principles and the details of this Code of Practice:


1. To observe strictly the confidence of every client at all times.

2. To observe at all times the basic rights of clients as consumers.

3. To render good service at all times and make fair charges in respect of services rendered and for merchandise supplied.

4. To ensure that advertising and marketing is always in good taste. No sensational, offensive or misleading advertising or marketing is permitted.

5. To provide clients with full and fair information about services. To have readily available price lists covering The Simple Funeral Service, and itemised charges for all the constituent parts of the funeral director’s services and all types of coffins and caskets available.

6. To display the price lists referred to in (5) above in the public area of all funeral premises.

7. To give a written estimate of all funeral director’s charges and disbursements to be paid on a client’s behalf, together with written confirmation of the funeral arrangements, in each and every case as soon as is practicable before the day of the Funeral. No contractual agreement will have been entered into until these documents have been accepted by the client.

8. To provide clients with an itemised account in a form readily comparable with the estimate.


Who to Notify Checklist

Please click on the image below to download our checklist of who you need to notify in the event of a bereavement.


Other things to consider…

  • UK & Beyond
  • Insurance Policies
  • Probate
  • Our Code of Practice
  • Who else needs to know?
  • Checklist & Notes

If a death occurs
on holiday then
the cost of repatriation
may be covered by
travel insurance.

The vehicle
documents should
be returned to:
DVLA, Swansea,
SA99 1AT.

We strongly advise
the Executor or
Administrator to
instruct a Probate

I would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of myself and family for all of your help at this sad time. You have been a great comfort and have dealt with us with compassion and complete professionalism.